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Lee Houck and Jamie Graham in Residence

Lee Houck and Jamie Graham in Residence at the Egg!!  Yay!




Jamie Graham is a New York based dancer, impoviser, and physical comedienne. She divides her time between improvised dance theater duo The Raving Jaynes, with Amy Larimer, and Jenny Rocha’s dance theater cabaret group The Painted Ladies, as well as in depth study and project-based work with Barbara Mahler. She also teaches in the Movement Speaks program for Naomi Goldberg’s Dances for A Variable Population and is a Romana’s Pilates certified Pilates Instructor.  Jamie is currently developing solo material exploring habit, impulse, and shifting attention.




Lee Houck was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and, in 2017, celebrates 20 years of living in New York City.  His debut novel, Yield, was the winner of Project QueerLit 2008, and was published by Kensington Books in September 2010.  His writing appears in numbers anthologies published in the U.S. and Australia, and in three limited-edition chapbooks: Fire Island/Follies (fiction, 2014;) Warnings (poems, 2009;) and Collection (essays, 2006).  His other work includes original pieces for theater seen in Vermont, Tennessee and in New York City, art installations for the Musee de Monoian, and poetry in the Magnetic Poetry Calendar.  With Jennifer Miller, he has been seen in “Cracked Ice” and “The Golden Racket,” and with Circus AMOK! for many, many seasons.

Chris Davis in Residence at the Egg

Chris Davis was in residency at the Egg earlier in January (when the website was down), so here is a bit more about the project!


Crime & Punishment (working title)


An exploration of the famous book by Leo Tolstoy written from the perspective of Katerina Ivanova.  Katerina is the wife of an alcoholic struggling to raise her kids in 18th century St. Petersburg.  We want to explore her ‘unwritten’ story through movement, song, and dialogue.  Jess Conda, the Artistic Director of Brat Productions, will play Katerina and use the story to explore her own personal saga dealing with alcoholism in her family and life.  

Shara Zeiger and the Platform Group


Shara Zeiger and the Platform Group were at the Egg in January to film a work upon which they have been working, and spent an intensive few days doing so.  Here is a bit about them:


Shara Ashley Zeiger an her company The Platform Group are committed to creating exciting inspiring work that provides a place to stand on. Currently we are working on a short film called “The Red Lotus” that we are so excited that we will be shooting at The Dragons Egg. “The Red Lotus” is a cautionary tale about sisterhood, women’s rights and the human spirit.



Www.theplatformgroup.org @platformgroup #TheRedLotusFilm


Clare Byrne in December 2016



Clare Byrne and dancers/musicians were at the Egg in late December.  I had to remove the posting I had put up for this, as the website had been hacked, so now I am again posting a little summary of this amazing residency and offering.


Clare Byrne returns to the Egg for her yearly winter holiday residency with Vermont composer Randal Pierce and Vermont dance artists Avi Waring, Marc Wennberg, and Bridget Wheeler to jumpstart at new collaboration tentatively titled “chtonic.”  Chtonic means “in the earth, subterranean,” often referring to its origin in Greek mythology and rituals of sacrifice honoring deities of the underworld. The experiment and dramaturgy will involve considering the Greek god Hades, his abduction/rape of his sister Demeter’s daughter, Persephone, who despite her protestations and through his deviancy became the Queen of the Underworld – as well looking at other underworld archetypal masterminds of deviancy like Lex Luther as played Gene Hackman in the 1978 movie Superman.


ClareDanceFest Castleton Photo by George Bouret


The entrance to Hades’ underworld for the Greeks was the Cape Matapan Caves on the southern tip of the Greek mainland. For the Romans it was a volcanic crater Avernus, west of Naples. For Lex Luther, it was through abandoned subway tunnels below New York City’s Park Avenue. A nascent thematic thread runs through: of re-purposing abandoned spaces, of found objects as instrumentation, and a re-purposing of canons of stringent, elemental, feral dance movement.


The Hive

Shannon Sexton Potter and the Hive were in residence at the Egg, while the website was down.  Here is a bit of information about them:



My name is Shannon Sexton Potter and I am a Theater Maker based in Providence, RI.  I have been commissioned to develop and direct a new work for Andy’s Summer Playhouse. This is a children’s experimental theater in New Hampshire that focuses on the empowerment of the child’s voice through new works of theater. 


 I have decided to write about the life and journalistic adventures of Nellie Bly, one of the first female reporters to gain fame in the late 1800’s for her remarkable investigative journalism. She was most well known for her record breaking trip around the world in 1889, in which she attempted to break the record of the fictional story by Jules Verne “Around the World in 80 Days.” She not only succeeded against all odds, but she did it in 72 days, alone, with nothing but a small handbag. For this particular production, which will be in July of this year, the focus will have to be on movement, due to the fact that this will be the company’s touring show with very limited technical aspects. Ultimately, the show will be performed with 15 children from the ages of 8-18.

NickHive 16a


My time at the egg has always been so wonderful and essential to the development of my work. I have been blessed to have utilized this amazing creative environment several times over the past 7 years. I want to thank you for the opportunities that I have already received. 

HiveFarmer Post its

Tara Ocon and Dancers in Residence

Tara Ocon arrived for a residency at the Dragon’s Egg on February 14th.  Yay.

Here is a bit more about the project and the participants:

Tara O’Con – Rachel Berman – Lia Bonfilio – Giulia Carotenuto – Kelly Garone

We are a group of female artists and performers who are interested in sharing creative space to work on solo practices that are informed by our collective creative energy and generous female spirits. 


We propose that by working this way, we when can both stimulate our individual inquiries while deepening and strengthening our shared female voice. 


The Dragon’s Egg, with its light and peaceful solitude, and capacity for generous shared space, is the perfect environment for this level of intimate and open creative support. In this space, we can nourish not only our individual creative processes, but also begin to shed light on how we, as an energetic force and bolstering communicative support system, can empower and impact our community despite obstacles driven by our current political climate. 


We are looking at this time together as potential to hold both physical, ritual, and meditative exploration for ourselves, as well as an opportunity to gather as a collective think tank that will question what actions we can take to move forward.

How can we advocate in our society as strong, creative, emotionally mature, intellectual women?


Our shared interests and solid bond is informed by years of performing together in Third Rail Project’s experiential theater production, Then She Fell (now in its fourth year); wherein we have each developed and harnessed strong awarenesses and sensibilities around what it means to foster empathetic and reflective connections among people from all walks of life. It is this openness and vulnerability; the ability to actively listen to our environment, to really see each other, and allow ourselves to be seen- that we seek to manifest outside of the realm of performance and apply as a point of inquiry into how we can strengthen and impact our creative practices, our relationships, our daily lives, and our global citizenship.

Sara Juli and Claire Porter at the Egg


Sara claire photo2byGrantHalverson

Sara Juli and Claire Porter offered a look last week at their work in progress, “Lecterns”, which will premiere at the American Dance Festival this summer.  What a privilege to be present for the conversation and the playfulness.

Here is more about them:


Living according to rules is the demand on all of us. We are surrounded by the rules of our laws, protocols, manners and expectations. But what are these rules? What are the rules of the game we’re playing? And what happens when rules take over?

Using movement, text, sound, song, and a catwalk runway, acclaimed comedic performers, Claire Porter and Sara Juli, upend our day-to-day, necessary-to-survive, rule-rituals in THE LECTERN, and find the hilarious in the rule-bending of our daily lives.


Claire Porter (www.cportables.com) is a writer, dancer and choreographer who has performed in Scotland, Germany, Poland, Holland, Latvia, Korea and India and in the US at The Joyce Theater, Town Hall, American Dance Festival, Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, Bates Dance Festival, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Florida Dance Festival and The Kennedy Center with the American College Dance Association. Porter is a Guggenheim Fellow 2013 and has received NEA Choreography Fellowships, NJ State Council on the Arts Choreography Fellowships, NewMusicUSA Awards, a Rockefeller Foundation Residency at Bellagio Center Italy and Mid-Atlantic Choreography Fellowships. She choreographs for her Claire Porter / PORTABLES, other dance companies, faculty members and University Dance Companies. Claire performs her award winning Namely, Muscles, the poetic enactment of all the muscles of the body and then some, at body conferences, poetry festivals, medical schools and theater festivals, most recently for the UnitedSoloFestival in NYC 2016. Claire teaches Laban Movement Analysis for NYU Steinhardt and Creative Process for the new MFA program at Montclair State University.


Sara claire photobyGrantHalverson


Sara Juli has been creating and performing innovative solo work since 2000.  In NYC, Sara’s work has been presented by Performance Space 122, The Chocolate Factory Theater, Danspace Project, 92nd St. Y, Joe’s Pub as part of the Dancenow/NYC Festival, Joyce Soho, Bushwick Starr, and Dixon Place among others.  Nationally, her work has been performed at American Dance Festival, Bates Dance Festival, Napa Valley Opera House, SPACE Gallery, Connecticut College, UC Riverside, Bates College, Artown Reno, IN’s Center for the Performing Arts, among many others.  Her work has toured internationally to sold-out houses in The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, London, and Russia.  Sara is a recipient of a 2015-16 New England Foundation for the Arts NEST Touring Grant, a New England Dance Fund Grant and is a 2017-18 National Dance Project recipient for touring support of her solo show, Tense Vagina: an actual diagnosis. Sara is also a 2017 Maine Fellow for the Performing Arts.  You can learn more about Sara at www.sarajuli.com and www.suralaconsulting.com

Christine Poland at the Egg



Christine Poland continues with her weekly rehearsals at the Egg.  In the past, she has also offered a series of dance and composition classes – look for more of this in the future, too!

ChristinepolandlarrystpierreSarah GriffinAmy Holly

Michelle Bach and Dancers


Michelle Bach and dancers and musicians were in residence, creating and living and breathing their dreams, in their seasonal residency at the Egg.

Mystic Paper Beasts roved at Hygienic Kids Arts

HygKids 17

The Beasts were, as usual, a part of the Hygienic weekend celebration of the Arts and Artists at the end of January, and roved through the gallery dedicated to kids’ art!

HygKids 17b

There were roving Beasts of various ages, music, crafts, and art galore!

HygKids 17c