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Belly Dancing at the Egg




Belly dance is known as the oldest form of dance . This ancient art form have origins in the Middle East, Northeastern Africa, and the Mediterranean .  Some common traditional styles are Egyptian, Turkish, and Lebanese. It made its way to America where the  American Cabaret and Tribal styles were born. Belly dance is very feminine, but women and men dance alike. Its most famous movements includes undulations, chest and hip accents, arm waves, and shimmies. Props are commonly used in this dance such as swords, veils, and zills. What it is best about belly dance is that any woman can do it, doesn’t matter the shape, size or age. It is a fun and accepting dance  community! 

Earth Day! May Day!

Earth Day – May Day!  

will be celebrating the earth on May 1st from 2-5 pm at the Egg, with vendors, poets, dancers, musicians, games (like boules!), drumming, hoopers, nature walk,

plus it will be a Welcome Home to Travellin’ Dan!  

Please join us!

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Earth Day! May Day!

Earth Day!   May Day!   

with all that implies, will be at the Egg on May 1st, Sunday, from 2 – 5 pm.  There will be vendors, poets, dances, nature walks,  plus we shall welcome Dan Potter home from his winter time away in Hanoi, back to the chilly spring of Connecticut!! full of bright colors and dancing feet.


Morgan Griffin in Residence!!

griffindance is a New York City based dance company founded by Morgan Griffin. The company is based on the concepts of imagination, discovery, and inspirations. By combining outside inspirations such as film, photography, fashion, and writings, griffindance works to create a space and an environment that is new; one that magically evolves as entirely different than what we started with; one that is perhaps bizarre, only existing in our minds or in our hearts. Through specific movement and gestures, as well as grand sweeping movement, we search for ways to surprise and satisfy. We want the audience to be curious. So that they cannot quite put their finger on what we are doing, or where we are, but nonetheless they are a part of it, and somehow, know exactly what is going on. Because we’re not always exactly sure where we are either. It’s like the worlds and stories you create when you are a child, that you completely understand, but cannot describe.



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Andrea Ward in Residence! 4/24-30

Andrea Ward is a contemporary dance choreographer from Florida. She is a member of the Isodoc Dance Group in New York City as well as a teacher for the Intrigue Dance Intensive. Andrea started choreographing as soon as she started dancing at age eight and she dreams of one day having her own company. Her style is influenced by the music that she listens to as well as the music that she writes. Andrea is currently working on a project that concerns concepts of the human spirit and suppression. 


Dancers Inspire the Egg!

When I fantasize about ways I can deepen our creative process as a company, I immediately crave the magic of the Dragon’s Egg. This artist retreat center and special oasis is one of the reason’s it feels possible to continue “the work”. ECDC has been traveling to the Egg for several years for brief choreographic residencies, often multiple times a year, and we look forward to the inspiration it provides and invites. The serenity of the space and location invites you to drop down, digitally disconnect and simply be present. The dancers of ECDC and I are so appreciative and thankful for the Egg’s generosity and accessibility…it’s where we make our best work!

Photo by Nikki Carrara


Raving Jaynes at the Egg!

The Raving Jaynes are excited to return to Egg for a weekend of improvisational explorations! We’ll be ending our rehearsal period each evening with a short performance. Since it’s improvised, each night will be different! Come for one or come for all three! On Saturday we will be joined by viola player Richard Kim! We’d love to see you!
March 24th, 25th and 26th at 5:15


The Hive Returns!

Hive mind theatre collective gathers again at the Egg, in early April.  Look for more on them soon!   xox


Raving Jaynes will be in Residence!!

The Raving Jaynes will be working hard at the Dragon’s Egg to discover new worlds of improvisation.  Please join us at 5:15 Thursday, March 24th, Friday, March 25th and/or Saturday, March 26th as we cap off each day of rehearsal with a 40 minute showing.  Each night will be different so feel free to come more than once!  

The Raving Jaynes (Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham) combine dance and improv to create highly physical, spontaneous pieces of dance/theater. Nothing is choreographed, nothing is scripted! Characters, settings, atmospheres and abstract imagery emerge from the simple seeds of skillful movement. Two unique characters go on a journey that gradually reveals itself amidst a collage of scenes and dances. The dancers become actors and back again, transforming dialogue into movement and movement into dialogue. The sacred and (more often) profane, natural and fantastic, flawed, ridiculous and ever-hopeful mingle in a field of imagination and play.

The Raving Jaynes perform regularly at the PIT in New York City, teach workshops and are advocates for the art of improvisation as a performance practice. They have been presented at IMPRO Amsterdam; the Abundance Festival in Karlstad, Sweden; Big City Improv Festival in Toronto; TCIF in Minneapolis; the ADaPT Festival in Santa Barbara; The Crisis Art Festival in Arezzo, Italy; The Comedy in Dance Festival at Triskelion Arts; Dancemopolitan at Joe’s Pub; Duofest in Philadelphia; The NYC Improv Festival; The Unscripted New York Improvised Theatre Festival, The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, The District Improv Festival in D.C., Your Move in Jersey City and The Tank.

Review by the Dance Enthusiast

Marly Schneider

Welcome to Marly S. Dancework’s first ever kickstarter campaign. This fundraising effort is being launched in order to support a group of us traveling to, and creating in, North Carolina at the AZULE residency space.  As an emerging choreographer, a big part of my artistic exploration has revolved around finding the environments and circumstances that fuel my own and my collaborator’s creative fires.  For reasons both logistical (finding ample rehearsal time and space that works for everyone involved, etc.) and personal (lacking time to delve into an idea fully, spreading myself too thin, etc.), it has become clear to me that the creative residency model is an ideal one for me at this point.

Recently, my long term love for math and physics has become a huge asset in my search for creative structures within which to work.  Last fall, myself and 3 collaborators (Tierney Munger, Laura Gordon, and Avi Waring) were lucky enough to spend 5 days at the Dragon’s Egg artist space in Connecticut (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlNq5-qiyr8).  We played with the concepts, many that I am still toying with,  of waves, velocity, and frequency.  It was at that residency that I became acutely aware of how beneficial a concentrated, close, focused environment is to my personal process.

In the last few months, I have become fascinated with an idea that I have encountered about the number 3 representing the doorway to infinite possibility.  1 idea in a vacuum leaves no room for development.  2 ideas often lead to harsh duality.  3 ideas, however, offer themselves to a variety of permutations.  I recognize that just the concept of infinity negates a start and an end.  I also recognize that how one defines a single idea is up for debate.  But all of this questioning is a large part of my intrigue with the topic.  I am currently in the process of developing improvisational and choreographic structures surrounding these ideas and I look forward to delving into them with my collaborators (Paul Besaw, Avi Waring, Laura Gordon, Tierney Munger, and perhaps a couple special guests!) at our April residency. 

Thank you!